The Policy approved by Citigold Corporation and signed off by the Chairman, Mr Mark Lynch, is –

“Citigold Corporation Limited explores for and produces gold profitably and sustainably without harming its employees, the community or the environment.”

Citigold Corporation is committed to practicing and upholding the high standards of occupational health, safety and environment (OHS&E). Identified as the number one priority amongst both management and staff, and as an integral component to ensuring the company’s operations continue to function efficiently at a high level.

Five Star Integrated Risk Management System

Citigold Corporation has used the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA) integrated risk management system as a guide for its health, safety and environmental risk.

Originally established in South Africa in 1951 as a government funded, non-profit organisation and as a direct response towards addressing and counteracting the then high rates of injury and fatality occurring in South African mines and industry, twelve directors and CEOs of major corporations and government departments identified and developed 83 key principles underlying safety and risk management, vital areas which have formed NOSA’s structural five-star management model today.

With its primary objective of not only identifying and reducing but, more importantly, eliminating or mitigating entirely the rate of health, safety and environmental incidents in the workplace including occupational hazards such as diseases and accidents, through identifying the causes and relevant issues and adopting a proactive approach to risk management.

Citigold has successfully used NOSA’s standards through its involvement with employees at all levels, strongly encouraging management and employees to take ownership of and contribute directly to risk management decisions.

Citigold has in place proactive measurement tools aimed at preventing injuries occurring. These include reporting of hazards and near misses with a protocol for prioritising and promptly fixing the hazards before they result in incidents. Citigold recognises that through foresight, education and training, all incidents should be preventable and strives to achieve a safe mining environment prior to the undertaking of any task.