Environmental Harmonisation

Citigold Corporation has a formal environmental policy which is supported by the staff and board of directors.

The Policy approved by Citigold Corporation and signed off on by the Chairman, Mr Mark Lynch, is –

“Citigold Corporation Limited explores for and produces gold profitably and sustainably without harming its employees, the community or the environment."

Reporting of environmental monitoring and compliance assessment continues. Rehabilitation and routine groundwater analysis of mining areas is well advanced, in compliance with approved environmental plans.

Citigold Corporation has established a sound background in environmental management and community relations. The Department of Mines & Energy has previously recognised the efforts of Citigold at Charters Towers -

"Your proactive attitude… is commendable. This attitude has been evident throughout the past 10 months in the progressive rehabilitation, community consultation programs and maintained communications with this office. In relation to environmental management you should be congratulated for a consistent approach that has led to significant improvement at your sites." 
"As you may be aware, I have monitored the results of your public consultation and the noise minimisation measures for night operations at the Brilliant shaft. … It is very clear that the care and consideration was much welcomed by the surrounding residents. Your company's staff and contractors have earned their respect and this continuing public support will prove to be an important factor in the future success of your project."

Environmental Management Overview Strategy (EMOS)

A Environmental Management Overview Strategy (EMOS) for the Charters Towers Gold Project has been accepted by the Queensland Government department the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition a Plan of Operations, in compliance with the EMOS, has also been accepted by the EPA. These operating documents are in accord with Queensland’s stringent Environmental Protection Act and Regulations. These combined environmental operating documents are a major achievement for the management team at Charters Towers.

Citigold has always endorsed Queensland’s high environmental standards.

Citigold operates in a unique and rare mining environment with its mining operations located directly around a town of 8,500 people. This symbiotic relationship generates benefits for the community and citigold.

Local Community Supports Citigold’s Mines

The Company has supported local communities with personnel, labour and donations to community activities overtime, including local rodeo associations and entrants, All Soul’s School, Lions Club, St Johns Ambulance, National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week parade, Country Music Festival, National Trust, Outback Celebration and the Combined Mines Charity Ball. As operations expand Citigold will continue to support and work in harmony with the local community.

Today there are two main sectors of environmental considerations – the natural environment and the people environment. Permitting to mine around a town with over 3,000 landholders and 8,500 residents presents a unique challenge. Much is to be learned from the success of the Citigold's Charters Towers operations and the need to inform people and treat each person as an important stakeholder.

When Citigold conducted its initial exploration work of the mineral lands under Charters Towers, as part of its overall huge gold project, essentially none of nearly 8,500 residents of the town genuinly objected.

After the successful exploration beneath the town in accordance with regulatory requirements, Citigold proceeded with the finalisation of Mining Leases and environmental permits. These were granted by the Department of Mines and Energy (DME) and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Citigold acquired the last external mineral tenure in the Charters Towers area in early 2004, when it took control of Great Mines Limited. This enabled the company to gain 100 per cent title to the goldfield.

Extensive Mineral Tenure

The lengthy and complex process of negotiating, pegging and acquiring all the mineral tenure initially began in 1969. Citigold’s late founder, Mr Jim Lynch, began the process by buying a small group of holdings from their original owners and so began the complex process of amalgamation.

The 35 year period it took to eventually obtain all the tenure, that now belongs to Citigold, required dedication and the expenditure of substantial sums of money. This experience, however, has given the company a detailed understanding of tenure management in Queensland.

All Citigold’s mineral resources are on the high gold grade Charters Towers goldfield, which has the potential to build a very large company. The 11 million ounce gold resource confirms the substantial value of the company’s mineral lands.

Environmental Sustainability

Citigold considers environmental sustainability as an integral component of its operational responsibilities and contributes to the local environment and community in numerous ways. In addition to regular environmental rehabilitation, recovery of surplus granite rock was contributed to the creation of a new sports field and road construction works.

Water is systematically recycled from all underground mine water supplies, and the mine is largely independent of community water supplies. Energy consumption is monitored and minimised to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity is used in preference to petrol or diesel-powered equipment where possible, as this centralises greenhouse gas emissions at the State grid power station, making control and reductions of emissions easier. Solar, renewable energy source is under study for the future. In addition we are looking at adopting more electric powered equipment to replace diesel power where practicable underground.

Citigold recognises the importance of community - industry relations in all of its operations and daily activities.

Simultaneous to this is Citigold's commitment to upholding its sustainability practices for the community and its future. This positive stance, the surrounding community and the infrastructure of Charters Towers is an integral component of Citigold Corporation's mining operations and ultimately enables the maintenance and progression of a safe and successful operation. The past mining "reproposing" of mine infrastructure is planned in cooperation with the community and private business where the infrastructure can provide ongoing benefits post mining.